Night Terrors Film Festival 2023 Official Selection revealed!

Date and Official Selection for Night Terrors Film Festival 2023 is now announced. The event will be hosted once again by actor Kim Sønderholm!

17 films will be screened and the list looks like this:

  • I only appear dead (Mira-Belle Rose Bryld, Germany)
  • Amygdala (Kenneth Lykkehus Truelsen, Denmark)
  • Heavy Vinyl (Jesse Pomeroy, United States)
  • Ihruqax (Rasmus Safarnia, Denmark)
  • Denali (Alberto Ortega, Spain)
  • The Physicist in Outer Space (Mon Castro, Mexico)
  • Shifufus Diamond (Christian Søes, Denmark)
  • Yule Cat (Albin Glasell, Sweden)
  • See Her (Lasse Pedersen, Norway)
  • Lady Clytemnestra (Phaedra Crowe, Cyprus)
  • Sleepless nights (Nanna Isabella Hjorslev, Denmark)
  • Amy & I (Bastiaan Rook, Netherlands)
  • Caregiver (Rafael De Leon, United States)
  • Spot (Tobias Ohlsson, Sweden)
  • On the Inside (Pål Gustavsen, Norway)
  • The Gift (Farbod Ardebili, United States)
  • Part Forever (Chung An Ou Alan, Taiwan)

Attend NTFF23 in Copenhagen, Denmark February 10, read more at:

Attend NTFF23 in Aarhus, Denmark February 16, read more at:

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