Trove’s Grovin’ and Trovin’ event ends with 1 million in-game trees planted

Trove’s landscape is a bit greener today after Trovians successfully banded together to plant 1 million in-game trees during its Grovin’ and Trovin’ event in participation with Playing for the Planet’s “Green Game Jam” initiative, resulting in all players earning the exclusive “Sapling Sower” mount as a thank you gift.  “We were waiting with bated breath as the number of in-game trees inched closer… [Læs mere]

Cleanse the “Night Stalkers Hideout” in Fiesta Online

Once again, corruption takes its toll and players must free a new dungeon in Fiesta Online gamigo is happy to announce that the latest patch for its anime MMO Fiesta Online is available today. This update for the game will offer a new dungeon to free from Corruption for players lvl 135 to 140 and several new quests to complete with new monsters and new items. In… [Læs mere]

Fractured Online Feature Spotlight Series: Seasons

The first truly dynamic isometric open-world MMORPG Fractured Online from gamigo and Dynamight Studios continues to evolve. In the latest installment of the game’s ongoing Feature Spotlight series, we shine a light on Seasons and how the interaction within and between guilds contributes to them.  In this latest installment, we take a closer look in what way Seasons are relevant for guilds and their players.… [Læs mere]

600,000+ in-game trees planted during Trove’s Grovin’ and Trovin’ Event

gamigo is happy to reveal over 600,000 in-game trees have been planted in its popular Voxel-based MMORPG, Trove. These trees were planted as part of the game’s Grovin’ and Trovin’ event in participation with Playing for the Planet’s “Green Game Jam” initiative.  As a result of Trovians’ tireless efforts to populate the game with beautiful and lush greenery, all players are well over halfway to… [Læs mere]

The sun shines brightly in Trove through Sunrise Update

Free Sunrise Update featuring a New Class, New Biome, and Much More out today gamigo is happy to announce that the “Sunrise” update for its voxel-based MMO, Trove is out today on PC. ​ The new update is one of the biggest ever released for Trove, bringing a new class, a new and unique biome, and much more new content to explore – all… [Læs mere]

Fantasy Town Invites Mobile Players to Rule Their Own Kingdom on July 18

Inadvertently become the Lord of Arsendal in this unique mobile farming sim! gamigo is announcing its new mobile farming simulation game – Fantasy Town – will launch on iOS and Android on July 18, 2022. Fantasy Town stars players as the reluctant Lord of Arsendal who are trying their best to get away from being the town’s leader. Players are pulled into a wide variety of tasks… [Læs mere]

Engage yourself in the most complete Game Wave Festival, where business, learning, and enjoyment merge!

The Game Wave Festival is an international event taking place for the second year in a row from September 27th to October 2nd in Tallinn, Estonia at Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. The first three days of six-day-event are dedicated to the game jam. The Game Wave Festival is a business, education and entertainment event for the gaming industry professionals. It first took place… [Læs mere]

League of Legends Durability Update Results revealed

Riot Games today revealed the results of the League of Legends Durability update. Quick Gameplay Thoughts: 6/24 With the initial launch of the Champion Durability Update behind us we wanted to share our thoughts on how things went. For some additional context on how we approached the Durability Update, check out this Quick Gameplay Thoughts. Why durability instead of damage? Before we start, we… [Læs mere]

VALORANT Voice Evaluation Update and Masters Copenhagen ticket information

Riot Games today revealed two VALORANT announcements. Firstly VCT M2 ticket sales will be available to purchase for fans and will be the first international Masters event to feature a live audience in Copenhagen. Today we are excited to share that Masters Copenhagen will be the first international Masters event to feature a live audience! The final three days of the event will take place at… [Læs mere]

Riot Games reveals LoL: Wild Rift Legendary Queue

Riot Games just revealed League of Legends: Wild Rift Legendary Queue. Legendary Queue will be solo-only with a point based system with new ranks. It is only available to players who reach Diamond and above in our current queue which is also being adjusted. A message directly from Riot: Hi everyone! Back in February we spoke with you about Ranked and rolled out some smaller changes to… [Læs mere]

League of Legends 12.12 Store Update

Riot Games just revealed the League of Legends Store update for patch 12.12 that includes multiple changes including the Essence Emporium returning, adding mythic chromas, Ashen Knight Pantheon and Mythic Shop rotation. A bunch of store and content updates are colliding in patch 12.12. Here’s a handy guide to help you navigate everything going on! Essence Emporium The Essence Emporium returns from June 28 –… [Læs mere]

League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.12 detailed

Riot Games will later today reveal League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.12. League of Legends Patch 12.12 includes a variety of nerfs and buffs, new Snow Moon skins, various adjustments and bug fixes. Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.12 includes a variety of changes in Dragonlands to balance various traits and units, adjustments and reworks. 

Nilah The Joy Unbound defends the rift from ancient threats in League of Legends Patch 12.13

New League of Legends Champion, Nilah was today announced including her abilities. Nilah is a melee skirmisher that enhances herself and her allies when positive effects are cast near her. Nilah will join the Rift in patch 12.13. A full Nilah bio can also be found at A melee skirmisher in the bot lane, Nilah enhances herself and her allies when positive effects are… [Læs mere]

Trove Launches Sunrise Update Featuring a New Class, New Biome, and Much More on June 28

Say “Good Morning” to the Solarion and prepare to journey through the dual-level biome, Sundered Uplands. gamigo is announcing a new day will dawn in its popular voxel-based MMO, Trove: Starting one June 28, 2022, Trovians playing on PC can begin exploring the “Sunrise” update, which includes the new Solarion class, the new Sundered Uplands biome, Ultimate Bosses in new 5 Star Dungeons, and much… [Læs mere]

Riot Games launches “Northern Legends”, a competitive community hub dedicated to Teamfight Tactics in Northern Europe

Members will be competing for three spots to enter Superbrawl and potentially reach the Rising Legends Finals, the pinnacle of EMEA TFT esports Riot Games, in collaboration with Promod Esports, today announced “Northern Legends”, a competitive community hub dedicated to Teamfight Tactics within Northern Europe*. With a newly launched Discord server, Northern Legends will encourage local TFT players to come together to discuss, play… [Læs mere]

Dare to enter the Forgotten Caverns in Aura Kingdom

gamigo is asking the Envoys of anime MMO Aura Kingdom to be wary when they venture into the “Forgotten Caverns” in patch 86. They would be well advised to bring a companion along to watch their back. Plenty of adventures await players in the latest update for Aura Kingdom including: Anti-Epidemic Attack: Let’s make Azuria a healthy environment and prevent the invasion of the virus! All Envoys… [Læs mere]

A Splendid Summer Awaits You in Trove Starting Today

New rewards, quests, and the return of Sir Dapper Duckington highlight Trove’s latest seasonal event! gamigo is proud to announce the sunny season has returned to its popular voxel-based MMO, Trove, with the launch of its Splendid Summer event that offers brand-new rewards including plenty of pineapple-themed procurements, new mounts, skins, and allies. Starting today, Trovians can talk to Grand Marshal Qubesly in the colorful… [Læs mere]