Deep Rock Galactic – Update 31: What Was Left Behind

It’s time for the first Post-Launch Update!  Update 31 is primarily focused on doing a bit of pick-up after launch – adding some things we had to cut for the 1.0 because of time constraints, as well as fixing a ton of minor and major bugs and crashes based on feedback from you guys. Update 32 will add new Mission Types, but more on that when our plans are more fleshed out.

Also, on June 10th, Ghost Ship Games will launch a Merchandise store in collaboration with Coffee Stain and For Fans By Fans Initially, the store will include on-demand printable items like t-shirts, hoodies, mousepads, and the likes.For Fans By Fans are currently approving their custom prints for this and are awaiting some more info There is also right now a competition going on for DRG fan-art on the For Fans By Fans site. The winners will get their designs added to the merch store later on. Here is a link the page




An obvious part of the Miner’s Manual we planned from the very beginning – a full library of every creature in the game. And now it’s there, chock full of information, tips, and even a bit of lore for those into that kind of thing! Every creature-entry starts off locked and will be revealed as you encounter them in the flesh.



We’ve added three new Secondary Mission Objectives to spice things up a bit.

GUNK SEEDS: Shoot the hanging slimesacks to release the precious Gunk Seeds within!

EBONUTS: Destroy the tough outer shell and harvest the nuts inside!

FESTER FLEAS: Pest control – take out these small annoying bugs before they start multiplying!



The Tyrant-Weed is a brand new encounter for you to…encounter in the caves. Take out the central Heart-Growth before it manages to seed the surrounding area with so many shooting sproutlings that it overwhelms you! When you have destroyed it remember to deposit the Tyrant Shards, which will reward you with a nice credit and XP Bonus at the Mission Complete screen.



Radioactive Exclusion Zone, Dense Biozone, Fungus Bogs have all gotten a bunch of new shapes added to them. Huge Mushrooms, Coral-like Growths, and more – go explore to discover it all!



A new beer is ready for you to unlock in the Abyss Bar, once you reach Player Rank 23. Drink it and you will be struck by momentary flashes of deep insight…



The Space Rig continues to be fleshed out with more detail – it’s dirtier and messier than ever! The Wardrobes in particular have gotten a graphical overhaul that should hopefully make them stand out a bit more.

– [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added a Refrigerator to the Abyss Bar! It doesn’t display fanart yet, but we’re looking into options. 😀



– We have had to remove two tracks from the Jukebox due to problems with content-creators getting unjustified copyright claims. To compensate we have added nine brand new tracks – reggae, surf, rock, banjo and more. 



– Improved the materials of the Brood Nexus

– Terrain Scanner tablet now has its own material with correct emission lighting in third person

– Armor thumbnail icons in the Wardrobe are now displayed with their default paint job, and not the equipped 

– Armors are now previewed with their default paintjobs in The Shop

– Fixed a bug that caused helmets to not display with the correct paintjob in the Wardrobe

– Fixed a bug that with character loadouts causing weapons to have wrong properties after rejoining a game

– Renamed Webspitter and Acidspitter enemies to Web Spitter and Acid Spitter

– Cave Leeches now lowers the captured player to the ground, after being killed by Heightened Senses

– Renamed Private Game to Friends Only. The functionality is the same

– Added mission stats & milestones to three new secondary objectives

– Renamed Mactera Ice Bomber to Mactera Frost Bomber

– Various Miners Manual improvements

– [Photosensitivity Mode] Removed blinking lights from Minehead when it’s ready to launch

– [Photosensitivity Mode] Removed blinking lights from machine events.

– Added a failsafe for MULEs getting stuck on the Drop Pod in Salvage Operations

– Fixed a bug that enabled the Scout’s Grappling Hook to attach to gems and the Gunner’s protective barrier

– Fixed a bug with some overclock effects not showing for client

– Tweaked the materials on the Spitball Infector to be less mirror-like reflective

– Fixed a bug with the placement of Cargo Crate batteries

– Changed some messages in the Miner’s Union Discord bot to disable pinging on goal tier achieved and added pinging when the goal period was over

– Fixed terminal screens to show and center long names properly

– Moved the hair color slot to the bottom of the list in the Wardrobe

– Updated the picture of the Jukebox in the Miner’s Manual

– Fixed a bug that caused players to be stuck moving forward while receiving ‘Claim DLC’ popups

– Fixed a bug that caused the mouse cursor to forcefully center in the Mission Complete screen when the ‘Continue’ button appears


Gunk Seed

Fixed seed being destroyed if the stem is destroyed

Tweak terrain placement

Try to not spawn in tunnels

Dont count objective above completed count


– Reduced healing rate

– Added 2 “health checkpoints” at 2/3 and 1/3 HP, where once you bring the Tyrant’s HP below a certain threshold it will not heal past that point. Listen for a scream that tells you a threshold has been passed.

– The weed now is “awoken” when you get close to the heart/core or if you attack any part of it. It will no longer activate at long distances.

Improve spawning of Korlok Tyrant-Weed

fixed Tyrant fragment Xp reward


Added new damage type + some animations for weakness/resistance icons

Fixed sign being overlapped by meshes in Memorial Hall

Improvement to netcode to try to prevent being ejected from angled walls as client

Corrections to Miner’s Manual creature info

Improve machine events collision handling

Colour and icon tweaks for MM damage types page

Icon Shield Damage Type Miners Manual

Shield Damage Type Icon Miners Manual

More damage types setup

Animations for wardrobe / Pickaxe terminal

More detailing on Memorial Hall + minor Space Rig asset/material changes

tweaked material on ebonut

Reduce the chance for Tyrant Weed spawning on top of the droppod and machine events

Improved Sand Trawler weakpoint death effect and ragdoll.


Tweaked console screen animation and added it to all  consoles using the spacerig template

Refrigerator handle moved to left side by request

Merch button inserted on Info Screen

Info Screen – Minor font change on Language bar

You now get notifications for Miners Manual entries after unlocking missions and biomes

Harvester now shows its face instead of butt in Miners Manual 🙂

descriptions for Tyrant-Weed and Infestation Larva in Miners Manual

Fixed some bad grammar and typos in Fester Flea description

Icon for Tyrant-Weed Fragment

Edited several creature descriptions in Miners Manual

Fixed cave that could spawn without tunnels connecting

Enemy health bar show when enemies are invulnerable

Changed the extra amount of festerfleass from 2 to 0

Snappier animations + scroll list improvements for Miners Manual

Added way to show all creatures in Miners Manual from the cheat terminal

Added names and colors to the new creature families

Creatures sorting

fixed DRG-1493 Times passed out drunk text overlaps the counter on the stats monitor in the Medbay

Fixed typo in Tyrant-Weed description

Driller’s Drills Updated Monitor meshes and Monitor Widgets to fix a translation spacing issue

Fester Flea’s health increased

Added ui to show if playing on Steam Experimental branch


– Fixed healing pods sometimes not healing and getting destroyed when a HP threshold was reached

– Changed the health scaling on the shooters and healing pods to be less extreme

– Increased the Core health slightly

– Gave the shooters a bit of shot spread

– Added new particles and animations (more still to come)

– Increased the visibility of the healing pods

– Gave the shooter some vulnerability to both fire and cold to compensate for weakpoint bonus

– Setup the temperature settings for both shooters and healing pods (note: there may be some issues with the temperature shock system, please test)


Tyrant-Weed changes:

Removed the self-healing on “germinating” shooters and healing pods 

Lowered how many healing pods can spawn at once 

Decreased the rate at which healing pods regenerate the core’s health

The core should no longer intersect with geometry in a way that makes it impossible to shoot it 

The projectile shot by the spitters now moves a little slower but does a bit more damage, also it now has proper damage types assigned (kinetic and poison) 

Loosened the spawn restrictions on the shooters and healing pods to encourage them spawning closer to the core

Made it so players can’t stand on the core

Max number of active shooters now scales with player count 

The duration for which the core stays open now scales with the number of players

Fixed hydra weed could spawn too many healing pods when playercount was low

Bosco should no longer target Tyrant Weed before it has been awoken by the player 

Renamed Korlok spitter to sprout

Wakeup reaction

No longer appears in point extraction

Boss health bar goes away if you walk far away.

Tyrant weed added glowing part in its mouth, and dulled down the glowing parts on the neck

Korlok tyrant shard payout 350 credits  + 500 xp

Lowered health of Healing Pods

Decreased projectile damage a bit

Number of Korlok Sprouts (aka shooters, aka spitters) now scales properly for 3 and 4 player teams

Lowered the health of the sprout slightly and increased it’s vulnerability to melee


Droppod Ramp will now only retract once everyone has left it. 

Half retraction speed of ramp

Removed petrified tree trunks from radioactive

Miner’s Manual info corrections and sorting modifications

Fixed Game crashed when using exit to desktop while viewing creatures in MM

Fix XP reward amount on events

FixedDRG-1409 A part of Japanese cannot be seen while creating a beer license.

Fixed DRG-1396 Beer License ‘Prices’ Do Not Color Red After Unlock

Updated images for Miners Manual

Small color adjustments on Creature-Page Miners Manual and added icons for Korlok, Xynarch and Automaton

Fixed DRG-1443 Beer icon doesn’t appear on the HUD in-mission

Fixed DRG-1503 Glyphid Slammer beer label art is incorrect for players that own the Supporter Pack

Fix for keepinsideworld being too aggressive (players losing aquarks while in narrow tunnels)

Tweaked enemy health bar positioning

Boss Fight Health Bar: Added support for segment dividers

Added 9 new tracks to the Jukebox – reggae, surf, rock, banjo and more

There is currently an issue where the Tyrant healthbar will spawn long before encountering it, and then another health bar when you start the encounter, no need to report, we are aware