Premiere på HBO Max: Tokyo Vice

TOKYO VICE HAR PREMIERE PÅ HBO MAX 8. APRIL Ny Max Original krimidramaserie, skabt og skrevet af den Tony-prisvindende dramatiker J.T. Rogers. Pilotepisoden er instrueret af Michael Mann. Inspireret af den amerikanske journalist Jake Adelsteins førstehåndsberetning fra Tokyo Metropolitan Police, fanger krimidramaserien Adelsteins (Ansel Elgort) oplevelser i Tokyos neonbelyste underverden

Riot announces new equity investment in “Arcane” Animation Studio Fortiche 

Companies Deepen Longtime Partnership as Riot Takes Significant, Non-Controlling Stake and Board Advisory Role Riot Games, the developer and publisher known for League of Legends and the breakout animated series Arcane, and Fortiche Production, the animation studio behind Arcane and many League videos, today announced a new equity investment by Riot in Fortiche. Under the terms of the investment, which closed earlier this year, Riot now holds a significant non-controlling stake in Fortiche.